Grass Fed Chicken Eggs, locally produced in Geelong!

Get your quality chicken eggs direct from the farm, delivered to your door. If you looking for flavour and freshness, nothing beats Grass Fed Chicken Eggs!

Here at Raw Farming we are very passionate about producing the best quality Chicken Eggs as nature intended.

grass fed chicken eggs

Our chickens spend 365 days a year on pasture, chasing bugs and eating grass. There is no comparison between grass fed chicken eggs and other methods, the eggs taste better and the chickens are happier and healthier.

Conventional farmed chicken eggs, even freerange, spend 99% of their lives in dirty, dusty sheds under led lighting. Never seeing a blade of grass, nor the sun shine.

Our girls take shelter from the elements under our custom built mobile nest house or coop, and when the weather comes good their straight back out foraging within the grass, feeding on bugs, scratching for seed and cleaning themselves in shallow holes they make in the pasture creating their very own dust baths.

They spend a few hours during the middle of the day lazing around in the shade in summer or in the sun in winter, doing most of their foraging within the grass early morning and late afternoon.

We rotate our chickens around our property so they only ever come back around on the same piece of grass once a year, giving plenty of time for the land to soak up the nutrients left from the previous rotation.

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